About Pitt Med Magazine

Pitt Med magazine explores matters of life, death and well-being. The magazine, charged with enlightening and educating, is published by the Office of the Dean and Senior Vice Chancellor for the Health Sciences and distributed by the Medical Alumni Association. It is produced quarterly for alumni, students, staff, faculty and friends of the School of Medicine and for anyone curious about health and science.

Anantha Shekhar, MD, PhD

Editor in Chief
Erica Lloyd, MFA
Section beats: Features, Attending, For Real!

Art Director
Elena Gialamas Cerri

Senior Editor
Elaine Vitone, MFA
Section beats: Investigations, Alumni News, Features, and Pitt Medcast

Staff Contributors
Michael Aubele
Michele Dula Baum
Micaela Corn
Maureen Passmore, MA, MFA

Emily Liu
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Circulation Manager
Michael Downs

Editorial Advisors
Jeremy Berg, PhD
Terence Dermody, MD
Chad Ellis, PhD
Caroline Ewing (MD Class of '22)
Alda Maria Gonzaga, MD, MS
Richard "Sam" Herron (PhD student)
Ruby Holland (MD/PhD student)
Naudia Jonassaint, MD, MS
Mylynda Massart, MD, PhD
Margaret C. McDonald, PhD, MFA
Evelyn Reis, MD
Loren Roth, MD
Peter Strick, PhD
Ann Thompson, MD
Bennett Van Houten, PhD
Simon Watkins, PhD

Student Advisor Subcommittee
Mische Holland (PhD student)
Michelle Lynskey (PhD student)
Rebecca Kritschil (PhD student)